Terms and conditions

Let's have some rules

Both photoshoot reservation and making use of my services mean your acceptance of the following regulations.

  1. The Customer declares getting familiar with my portfolio, acceptance of my frame composition, post-production style and my work’s aesthetics. The declaration also includes awareness of the final result being dependent on things we’re not able to control, such as light or weather conditions.
  2. The Customer has the right to share the final result via Internet (e.g. social media) but only while giving credit to the author.
  3. The Client is not allowed to temper with photographs editing.
  4. In case of an inclement weather or an illness, it is allowed to reschedule the photo shoot to the closest convenient date for both sides.
  5. In situations of urgency and unexpected circumstances in my life (sudden illness, an accident or another incident making the photo shoot impossible on an arranged date), there is a possibility rescheduling to another, immediate date. The Client declares no legal or financial claims.
  6. I do not give out unedited photographs. There is no possibility of buying them. I do not share RAW files.
  7. Within 7 of the photo shoot virtual photo gallery is sent to the Client. The Client chooses photos from shots I select earlier. The Client selects shoots after initial editing, within 14 days after sharing a virtual photo gallery. The amount of shots depends on the chosen package. Every additional shot is met with a cost of 20.
  8. The selection is then edited and delivered in an electronic form within 4 weeks of the payment and choosing the shots. The Client receives an e-mail with an information of albums or photographs being ready for collection.
  9. The Client can choose and EXPRESS type of service. The photographs are delivered within 3 working days after choosing the shots. The cost of this service is equal to 100€.
  10. The Customer is obligated to declare their choice of the services package at least one day before the photo shoot takes place. There is no possibility of changing the package after the photo shoot is completed.
  11. The Client can obtain any package as a voucher. Cost of the vouchers is listed in the pricing section of the website. The payment should be full-filled in advance. The Voucher is valid for 6 months, after this period the service is no longer available and the voucher expires.
  12. The publication of the photographs on my website (joannaorlewicz.com) or in social media is voluntary. Being able to share my work with others is an essential part of my job, but the decision is always up to you.